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Kenyan Dog Collars Arrived and are going FAST!!!

520-coflifestack These collars are beautiful and durable!

My dogs wear them and Jake has not lost a bead in 7 years of wearing his!!
Come into the shop and see for yourself!!
They range in price from $57 – $80 depending on the length of the collar.


Kenyan Collar Shipment will arrive the week of August 19th!!

By now most of you already know what a Kenyan Collar is but for those that do not know it is a beautiful collar that is hand beaded with love in Kenya, Africa by the Massai tribe.520-coflifestack

Every collar is hand beaded and double stitched onto two panes of leather and they are so very durable!! My dogs have been wearing them for seven

years and have never lost a bead!
They swim in their collars all the time and tug on each others collar daily. The collars do not loose their vibrant colors.

If you are interested in a Kenyan Collar for your dog just call the shop at 303-777-0224 to see if we still have your size in stock.

The collars go very fast so call today!!