Custom Pet Portraits in progress

December 28, 2012 in Commissions by Meredith

I am currently working on two paintings. One is a 30″x30″ painting of two cats. It is going to hang alongside another painting I did for the owner a few years ago of her cat named Larry. The other painting is of a labradoodle named Sunny. It is a gift from me to my friend Brit who helps me out at the store. I am painting her dog for her to hang in her room. She loves dogs and it will make the perfect gift. I will post photos of the painting in progress soon!! First I draw the animals in pencil on the canvas. I take the photo I am given of the pet and zoom in on the subject’s head. Then I paint the background color in. Next step is to paint the subject in acrylic on the canvas by focusing in on tonal values and the different colors within the tonal values.
More to come! I am working at the shop now and I will start painting in the shop as of next week. It is my new years resolution to paint at the shop and outside on the sidewalk as much as possible. I hope to paint many paintings this 2013!