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I have to say, I enjoy hearing from wonderful pet owners who absolutley love their paintings. Whether it was a gift for a friend or a memorial for a cherished pet that has passed on, it brings me so much joy to hear how much they treasure their new painting.
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Deuce 12″ x 12″deuceptg_200

We all got together for dinner at her house to give it to her, and when I put the package in front of her she asked “Am I going to cry?”, I said yes :) ). She did cry but smiling, she loved it and after and thanking us again & again, got right up from the table grabbed her hammer & hung it on the wall, in a perfect spot by her kitchen. I left her home happy & glowing, thank you again so much, it meant so much to her.
Annie W— . – Denver, CO

Auzzie 18″ x 18″auzziehome_200
The whole family loves our painting of our beloved dog. I am so happy with the work Meredith did. She really captured his personality. My sister took one look and immediately e-mailed Meredith a picture of her cat to be painted. I couldn’t be happier with my painting.
— Laurie E. – Littleton, CO


Dog PortraitTaku 5″ x 7″ 
Greetings from Taiwain, My sister, Kathleen Sullivan, just emailed me the photo of the masterpiece of Taku. The words fantastic, wonderful, magnificent don’t express the really amazing work you did on Taku. Yeah, Taku is my little buddy whom I really miss. Have a most plesent day.
— Carol W. – Aunt of Taku

Three Dog Custom PaintingMax, Lenny & Ike 18″ x 24″
Linda almost cried when she opened the portrait of the boys!
Thank you it made a great Xmas gift!
— Eileen C.- Boca Raton, FL

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