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12″ x 12″
This was painted as a surprise Christmas gift for someone’s mother. 2017








8″ x 10″
This painting was created to compliment another
painting I completed of another dog in the client’s
family! It came out awesome.2017








12″ x 12″  Another one of my wonderful portraits. huskyweb
The customer who received this painting
gave it to her son for Christmas! He loved it and teared up when he opened it!
He said it really captured his personality!



5″ x 5″
This painting is for a girl for her own Christmas gift to herself! 2017







This painting was done for a woman to give to her husband for his birthday!
He loved it! 2017






This painting was done for  a woman to give her boss that
bulldog just passed away! This was done as a memorial to her dog!

It came out better than the photograph and was loved! 2017

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