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Commissioned Art

Custom Pet Portrait

12″ x 12″
This was painted as a special valentines day gift for
someone’s girlfriend. She loved pink and her dog
was very girly so pink was a given for the
background color.


Dog Portrait

18″ x 18″
This painting was created to compliment another
painting I completed of another dog in the client’s
family! It came out awesome.


12″ x 12″
Another one of my wonderful portraits. Dog Portrait
The customer who received this painting
will be adding it to her other 5 paintings I have
done for her. This 6th one will be very
complementary to her others.


18″ x 24″
This is a painting of a girl and her dog.Dog and Woman Portrait
The dog passed away while I was in the
process of painting this. Well, this is the
finished painting! The recipient absolutely
loves it! And this was definitely a great present,
as well as a wonderful memory. I am so glad
I got to create such an important piece.




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